What is a kanga?

A kanga is a traditional African wrap that is used by men and women alike throughout East Africa. Kangas originated in East Africa back in the 19th century. Although copied in many countries, a “genuine kanga” has 3 distinct characteristics – it’s 100% cotton; it’s made in East Africa; and it contains a Swahili proverb or saying. The kanga is still evolving. Like the T-shirt, but incomparably more elegant and useful, it is a medium for personal, social and religious expression. As an art form, as well as a beautiful textile, the kanga has become an integral part of East African culture.

Where do our kangas come from?

Our genuine kangas are imported from Kenya and Tanzania.

How big is a kanga?

Each hemmed kanga measures 60″ wide by 38″ high. Each unhemmed kanga has two selvage edges and two rough edges and measures approximately 62″ wide by 42″ high.

How is a kanga washed?

Each kanga is machine washable and the more it is washed the softer it will become!

Are our kangas hemmed?

A few kanga are hemmed — no frayed edges! These were specially made in Eldoret, Kenya. When these are gone there will be no more. Traditional Kanga as sold in East Africa have with two selvage edges and two rough cut edges.

Do we accept international orders?

We’ll ship anywhere!!

How long will it take to process my order?

All orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible from our facility in Belfast, Maine.

Can I get a quick delivery?

Yes. If you need your order to arrive in the next day or two, then please call us for shipping rates at
1-207-930-8012 for rates. Call hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm EST.

What if you are out of stock?

If we are unable to fill an order, you will receive an email and the situation will be discussed personally and alternative choices offered.

What is our return policy?

All orders come with a 30-day “no hassle” money back guarantee.

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